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Club Executive

  • Club Mentor Emeritus: John Sooran, DTM
  • President: Teresa Lee, CC, CL
  • VP Education: Laura Mitchell, DTM
  • VP Membership: Peter Shewchenko, DTM
  • VP Public Relations: Anthony Berry, CC, ALB
  • Secretary: Karen Coleman, CL
  • Treasurer: David Grey
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Daniel West, CC, CL
  • Immediate Past President: David Callum
  • Webmaster: Abayomi King

Past Debate Topics

  • The weaponisation of free speech can be tempered
  • Brexit was preventable
  • Post-secondary education should be free
  • History is the academic branch of propaganda
  • The U.N. is effective on the world scene
  • Environmentalists have gone too far
  • Political correctness has gone too far
  • World emergency response is adequate
  • Canada needs more statutory holidays
  • There should be free speech in cyberspace
  • The state is justified to impose taxes
  • Citizens should be required to vote by law
  • Chocolate is good for you