Project Management Plus: Communication + Leadership + Project Management

The Economist, Harvard Business Review and several other notable publications tell us three of the most valuable and important skill sets needed in today’s competitive, ever-changing workplace are:

  • communication
  • leadership
  • project management

Toastmasters International offers you a comprehensive programme that helps you learn and hone all three of these invaluable skill sets: the High Performance Leadership (HPL) project.

The HPL project features five mini-projects offering instruction and practice in the following critical leadership areas:

  • developing a vision
  • goal-setting and planning
  • developing plans and strategies
  • team-building
  • execution and reporting

Additionally, the HPL gives you invaluable feedback on your leadership skills. You work with a guidance committee; you select your team to execute your project; you select your project; you are the project manager. Upon completion of your HPL project, you deliver a speech to your club about your project.

You may complete the HPL in an almost limitless number of environments.

Perhaps you might enjoy taking on a project for your club or district while serving as an officer or committee chair. Alternatively, if you are an employee or supervisor in a business, you could do a leadership project related to the needs of your company. Other possibilities include projects for your community, an association or professional group, house of worship, or some other organization or agency (government or NGO). The possibilities are endless! Your project can be almost anything, so long as it is legal, ethical, and socially responsible.

Successful completion of the High Performance Leadership project leads to the LDREXC or Leadership Excellence award — which looks great on a résumé! It’s a terrific achievement whether or not you are already a project manager.

For more information, please see our club’s VP ED.