Meeting Resources

Resources for Conducting Club Meetings

  • Competent Communication manual
  • Competent Leadership manual
  • Advanced Communication manuals (15 to choose from)
  • Club Officer manuals (for all 7 Executive roles)
  • Club Officer Training sessions (offered twice/year)
  • Fellow Toastmasters ~ Club Executives and members
  • Variety of pamphlets published by Toastmasters International (some are available free of charge & may be downloaded from the Toastmasters International web site, while others are also available free of charge & may be ordered from Toastmasters International; there are still other low-cost pamphlets that may be purchased from Toastmasters International)
  • The Successful Club Series
  • The Leadership Excellence Series
  • The Better Speaker Series
  • Success/Communication Series
  • Success/Leadership Series
  • Speechcraft
  • On-line material on Toastmasters International website: